Workshop on Uncertainty of Measurement and Validation of Methods

PMDC Credits:  7 hours

28th August 2015 (Friday)

(0900 to 1700 hours) 

at Armed Forces Institute of Pathology Rawalpindi 

Who to Attend:    Trainees and Specialists of Pathology 

Registration:  FREE!! (All participants MUST bring their own LAPTOPS) 

For Registration:  Mr. Usman Academic Office, Chemical Pathology, AFIP Rawalpindi (0346 53369659)or Email:


Dr Mushtaq Ahmad
Retired DG/ Chief scientific officer NPSL
Former UNIDO CONSULTANT on standards metrology testing quality and accreditation
Brig Dilshad Ahmed Khan (rtd)
Director NUMS
Brig Aamir Ijaz
HOD Chemical Pathology , AFIP Rawalpindi

Workshop Outline

Uncertainty of Measurement: (0900 – 1300)

• Importance of measurement uncertainty Understanding Metrology
• Concept of errors, Precision and accuracy
• UNcertanty measurement in medical testing Labs
• Estimation of Uncertainty following Guide measurement uncertainty (GUM 95)
• Type A uncertainties and selection of statistical tools Type B uncertainties, identification and use
• Medical testing(IVD)TOPDOWN/BOTTOM UP APPROACH for uncertainty of measurement
• Uncertainty Influencing factors and Budgeting of Uncertainty Components
• Exercise Uncertainty calculations: based on actual data of measurements taken by the lab
• Traceability in IVD / Medical Testing
• Control Charts
Validation of Methods: (1400 h to 1700h)
• Basic validation philosophy
• General principles of method validation
• Demonstration of some practical techniques applied for maintenance of Quality management System in the laboratory.
• Method Performance Parameters
• Applicable statistical techniques such as ANOVA, tstat to validate method
• Correlation of Variables, linearity and slope of the line: exercise
• Exercises on Method Validation Experiments

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