38th Annual PAP Conference

38th  Annual PAP Conference/ 3rd  Joint Conference Of The Societies Of Pathology

In Collaboration With The Royal College Of Pathologists & British Association Of

Pakistani Pathologists From 6th  – 8th  November, 20l5

At Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore

Please download Final Programme,  guidelines for presentation and related documents from the “contact for details” tab.

Final Scientific Programme

PAP Conference Lahore 6th to 8th November 2015

Thursday 5th November 2015

Pre-conference Workshops (PSCP)

Morning Workshop

Time :  9.00 am  – 1.00 pm  

Title: Research Design for Diagnostic Studies

Facilitator:Prof (Brig) Aamir Ijaz (AFIP Rawalpindi)

          Brig Muhammad Rafi Butt (CMH Lahore)

Venue: Allied Health Sciences Department, UHS Lahore

Afternoon Workshop

Time :  2.00 pm to 5.00 pm  

Title: Interpretation of Arterial Blood Gasses Results

Facilitators:            Prof AbdusSattar(CMH Lahore Medical & Dental College)

Prof (Brig) Aamir Ijaz(AFIP Rawalpindi)

Venue: Allied Health Sciences Department, UHS Lahore


Scientific session 1:Friday, 6thNovember 2015

Time:    2:30- 4:30

Time:    2:00 – 4:00

Chair:   Maj.Gen (Rtd) Farooq A.Khan

Moderator:   Dr. NusratAlavi

Venue:   Kashmir Hall

1 IT Based Educational Programs of PSCP


Prof.(Brig) Aamir Ijaz
2 Biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease:

The present and the future

3 Clinical Laboratory Quality Assurance Program and Lab Accreditation Dr.FarooqGhani
4 Disorders of Parathyroid Hormone Gland Secretion and Implications on Osteoporosis Dr.Ayesha Habib
5 Analytical Challenges in drugs of abuse analysis Dr.Muhammad Aamir

Scientific session 2:Saturday, 7th November 2015

Time: 9:00- 11:00

Time: 9:00- 10:30 (as paper is 10 min each so it will not make any difference)

Chairperson: Dr.ImranSaddiqui

Co-Chairperson: Dr.M.Aamir

Moderator:Dr.Rehma Dar

Theme: Diabetes Mellitus

Venue: Kashmir Hall

Serial no Free Scientific Paper Session 1 (10 min each) Presenter/Institute


1 Evaluation of Currently Recommended Decision Limits of Glycosylated Hemoglobin in a Local Population SumbalNida



2 Homa-IR Optimal Cut Off Values According to Ageand Genderto Identity Subjects at Risk of Metabolic Syndrome Saima Bashir



3 Association of Glycosylated Hemoglobin (HbA1c) Levels and Prediabetic Blood Glucose Levels in Diabetics as Predictors of Diabetic Retinopathy SyedaBirjees Anwar


4 Association of  Leptin with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Non –Obese  Subjects Ahsan Kazmi

RMC Rawalpindi

5 Association of Serum Sex Hormone Binding Globulin and Endogenous Testosterone with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus MehnazKhattak


6 Association between subclinical hypothyroidism and diabetic retinopathy in type 2 diabetic patients Amina Tariq


7 Evaluation of Estimated Average Glucose in

Disease-Free Pakistani Volunteers



8 Comparison of mean Serum Vitamin B12 and Homocysteine Levels in Diabetic Patients with and without Diabetic Retinopathy Uzma Ansari



9 Association of Thyroid Dysfunction with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Parveen  Akhtar



Scientific session 3: Saturday, 7th November 2015

Time: 12:00- 1:30

Time:  11:30 am – 1:30 pm(15 minutes left even time for each paper is 15 minutes. Please suggest time                   for each paper too)

Chair:Prof. Dr. Salma Haq

Co-Chair: Dr.AdnanZubairi

Moderator: Dr.WardaHussain

Theme: Endocrine

Venue: Kashmir Hall


Serial no Free Scientific Paper Session 2 (15 min each) Presenter/institute
1 Pattern of Diabetes Insipidus During the Last Five years at Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Rawalpindi


Mehreen Hassan


2 Comparison Of Raised Anti-Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody In Patients Of Hypothyroidism With Euthyroids Sara Khan


3 Growth Hormone Deficiency and Short Stature in Patients with β- Thalassemia Major.




4 Serum Leptin levels and its association with body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference in patients presenting at AKUH Sheharbano Imran



5 Prognostic Value of Stress Hyperglycemia for In-hospital mortality in Acute Coronary Syndrome: Masud Ansari



6 Utility of Bone Health Panel for Screening Parathyroid Hormone Metabolism Disorders Hafsa Majid



7 Vitamin D Deficiency:  Is Vitamin D Binding Protein Polymorphisms its Determinant? Lena Jafri




Scientific session 4:Saturday, 27th November 2015

Time: 2:30pm- 4:15 pm

Time: 2:30-4:00pm (with 10 minutes each timing gets complete)

Chair:Prof. Dr. Muhammad Dilawar

Co-Chair:Dr. Tariq Bin Sharif

Moderator:Dr. FauziaSadiq

Theme: Diagnostic Studies

Venue:  Kashmir Hall

Serial no Free Scientific Paper Session 3(10 min each) Presenter/Institute
1 Diagnostic Accuracy of Automated Capillary Electrophoresis

in Patients with Hyperproteinaemia


Azooba Fatima


2 Evaluation of Prostatic Specific Antigen In Benign and Malignant Breast Disease In Women S.SabahatHaider



3 Accuracy of Non Fasting –LIPID PROFILE for the Assessment of Lipoprotein Coronary Risk


Safia Fatima


4 Diagnostic Accuracy of Risk of Ovarian Malignancy Algorithm (ROMA) in Post -Menopausal Patients with Ovarian Mass.





5 Diagnostic Accuracy of Adenosine Deaminase (ADA) in Tuberculous Pleural effusion



Usman Ali



6 Diagnostic Yield of Combined Tumor Markers

(CA19.9 And CEA) for the Diagnosis of Various Gastrointestinal Disease: A Clinical Audit


Noreen Shahzad



7 Impact of Genetic Variants on risk of coronary artery disease in Pakistani Population


AsmaNaseer NUST
8 Diabetes Mellitus in Pregnancy:  Is Oral Glucose Tolerance Test Mandatory for diagnosis? Qurat-ul-Ain Mustafa


9 Usefulness of Procalcitonin For Diagnosis of Sepsis in the Critically Ill Patients Sibtain Ahmed




General Body Meeting PSCP – 4.30 – 5.30 pm Saturday 7th November 2015

4:00- 4:45 is Tea and Scientific Exhibition. Please suggest if there needs to be any changes.



Scientific session 5: Sunday, 8th November 2015

Time:9:00 am- 11:00 am

Chair: Prof. Dr.RizwanHashim

Co-Chair: Dr. Rafi Butt

Moderator: Dr. SumblaGhaznavi

Venue: Kashmir Hall


Serial no Free Scientific Paper Session 4 (10 mins each) Presenter/Institute
1 Serum Iron and Total Iron Binding Capacity:

Are they now Redundant Tests

Col.Naveed Asif



2 Spectrum of XY Disorders of Sexual Development in Pakistan – AFIP experience ZujajaHinaHaroon


3 Two years experience of selective screening for Organic Acidurias (OA) and Amino Acidopathies (AA) in Pakistani pediatric population Noreen Sherazi




4 Effect of Body Composition, Diet and Lifestyle Factors on Bone Mineral Content of Young Adults Lena Jafri



5 Heat Stroke in Karachi, Pakistan- Metabolic  Derangements and Multiorgan Dysfunction



Howrah (Humaira) Ali,


6 Association Between Prostatic Specific Antigen (PSA) and Gleason Disease Rabia Saeed



7 Prevalence of vitamin d deficiency in Transfusion dependent Beta Thalassemia Pakistani patients


Hafiz Muhammad Salman Yousaf



8 Evaluation of renal function by cystatin C in renal transplant recipients


Salma Ayub




9 Lead Toxicity in Children: A Major Public Health Concern Hafsa Majid


10 Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin (NGAL): An Emerging Biomarker for Acute Kidney Injury


Shabnam Khawaja



11 Frequency of NAFLD in Diabetes Mellitus (Type 2) Patients and Non Diabetic Group at Shalamar Hospital Lahore NusratAlavi



Scientific session 6: Sunday, 8th November 2015

Time:11:30 am- 1:00 pm

Chair: Prof.AbdulRehman

Co-Chair: Prof.Dr.Sarwar Bhatti

Moderator: Dr. Rehma Dar

Venue: Kashmir Hall 

Serial no Title Presenters

Announcement of Result of Best Papers and Poster




 List of Posters

S.No Title Author/Institute
1 Lipid Levels: A Link between Brittle Bones and Boned Arteries Aisha Ayyub


2 Application of sigma metrics on routine clinical chemistry analytes for the analysis of quality control Sahar Iqbal


3 Metabolic risk factors for paediatric stone formers Kiran Imran



4 Clinical Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness of Post Polyethylene Treated Prolactin Levels in Hyperprolactinemic Patients


Noreen Sherazi



5 Association of Leptin with Body Fat in Young Healthy Volunteers Lena Jafri



6 Cystatin C levels in healthy kidney donors and its correlation with GFR by creatinine clearance. Salma Ayub


7 Initiating and Executing Point of Care Testing Program in a Tertiary Care Hospital Lena Jafri








Analysis of Kidney Stones with Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy: A comparison with the Chemical Spot Test


Performance of CKD-EPI Pakistan equation in predicting estimated glomerular filtration rate: Comparison with measured creatinine clearance, MDRD and CG



Sheharbano Imran




Sibtain Ahmed





Who Can Participate?

Participate Pathologists in all Disciplines of Pathology Trains/Resident Pathologists in all Disciplines of Pathology Molecular Biologist MSC/MPHIL

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Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

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