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Chem Con 2021  

12TH Annual Conference of Chemical Pathology 

“Chemical Pathology Services in a Pandemic” 

5th – 6th March 2021 

time (hrs) schedule
Inaugural Session
0830-0900 Registration of Participants
0900-0910 Guests to be seated
0915 Arrival of Chief Guest
0920-0925 Recitation from Holy Quran
0925-0930 National Anthem
0930-0935 Welcome Address by Maj Gen Syed Raza Jaffer, HI (M) 
Advisor in Pathology & Comdt AFIP 
0935-0945 Address by Ex-President PSCP
0945-0950 Address by the Chief Guest
0950-0955 Presentation of Souvenirs 
0955-1005 Group photograph with Chief Guest 
1005-1010 Departure of Chief Guest 
1010-1030 Lt Gen Syed Azhar Ahmad Lecture 
1030-1100 Light Refreshments 
Plenary Session
1100-1300 Plenary Session – I 
1300-1415 Friday Prayers (Juma) & Lunch 
1415-1615 Plenary Session – II
1615-1650 Refreshments 
1650-1715 PSCP Executive Council Meeting 
0900-1100 Plenary Session – III 
1100-1120 Light Refreshments 
1120-1320 Scientific Session – I 
1320-1400 Lunch & Prayers 
1400-1600 Scientific Session – II
1600-1615 Vote of Thanks 
Friday 5th Mar 2021Ê
Plenary Session - I
1.ÊThe COVID-19 Pandemic: Pathology Services - UnseenÊ Force behind the Front-Line WarriorsMaj Gen Syed Raza Jaffar, HI(M)Ê1100-1120
2.ÊCOVID-19 Vaccination Ð PakistanÕs PerspectiveÊMaj Gen Salman SaleemÊ1120-1140
3.ÊCOVID-19 method validation during pandemic:Ê Experience of CAP accredited lab`Dr Farooq GhaniÊ1140-1200
4.ÊCOVID-19: Impact on clinical research and its implicationsÊ for chemical pathology researchÊDr Asma ShoukatÊ1200-1220
5.ÊLeading role of pathology laboratories in curtailing theÊ pandemic of COVID-19Brig (R) Aamir IjazÊ1220-1240
6.ÊImpact of COVID-19 on laboratory professionals-a crossÊ sectional survey at a clinical chemistry laboratory in aÊ lower middle-income countryProf Imran SiddiquiÊ1240-1300
Plenary Session - II
1.ÊRole of vitamin D in infection, progression and severity Êof COVID-19Dr Ayesha HabibÊ1415-1435
2.ÊEvolving role of radiology in current pandemicÊBrig Saerah ZafarÊ1435-1455
3.ÊNEQAPP: Role of Clinical Chemistry Proficiency TestingÊ Scheme in Quality Assessment of Medical Labs inÊ PakistanBrig Muhammad Aamir, SI(M)Ê1455-1515
4.ÊA pandemic: Challenges in diagnosisÊBrig Eijaz GhaniÊ1515-1535
5.ÊDevelopment and validation of standard and real patientÊ gallstone library using fourier transform infra-redÊ spectroscopyÊDr Lena JafriÊ1535-1555
6.ÊSeroprevalence of SARS-COV-2 antibodies amongÊ healthy blood donors in Karachi, PakistanDr Shabnam KhawajaÊ1555-1615
6th Mar 2021ÊÊ
Plenary Session III
1.ÊRole of Procalcitonin in Diagnosis of SepsisÊProf Adnan Mustafa ZubairiÊ0900-0920
2.ÊNGS- a granary of information on tracking transmissionÊ and analyzing genomic variationCol Zujaja Hina Haroon
3.ÊFrequency of metabolic derangements in covid-19Ê patientsDr Humaira Howra AliÊ0940-1000
4.ÊCopeptin Ð A new marker of interestÊLt Col Muhammad Usman MunirÊ1000-1020
5.ÊChallenges, success factors and outcome of teaching andÊ learning via virtual learning environment (VLE) in COVID 19 pandemicDr Hafsa MajidÊ1020-1040
6.ÊEarly diagnosis of coronary artery disease by micro RNAÊ panel in patients with anginaÊLt Col Sayed Tanvir Abbas GilaniÊ1040-1100
Saturday 6th Mar 2021 - Scientific Session I
1.ÊCorrelation of blood Glucose levels with biochemical andÊ hematological abnormalities in diabetic and non-diabeticÊ Covid 19 Patients - Experience from a Tertiary Care hospitalÊ of QuettaMaj Saima BashirÊ1120-1130
2.ÊDevelopment of a virtual classroom for pre-analytical phaseÊ of laboratory medicine for undergraduate medical studentsÊ using the Delphi technique with chemical pathology expertsÊ during the COVID-19 pandemicroleÊDr Muhammad AbbasÊ Abid1130-1140
3.ÊEvaluation of adjusted calcium levels in patients of chronicÊ renal failure with hypo-albuminemiaDr Hunain HabibÊ1140-1150
4.ÊClinical evaluation of multiple serological diagnostic assaysÊ for detection of antibodies in COVID-19ÊDr Hijab BatoolÊ1150-1200
5.ÊEvaluation of zinc levels in patients of CKDÊDr KehkashanÊ1200-1210
6.ÊCross reactivity of COVID-19 IGG assay with known immuneÊ mediate disordersDr Nayab ZehraÊ1210-1220
7.ÊComparing the effect of hypoalbuminemia on sodiumÊ measured by indirect versus direct ion selective electrodeÊ methodMaj Athar IqbalÊÊ1220-1230
8.ÊDetermination of diagnostic accuracy of biochemicalÊ parameters (CRP, LDH, ferritin) in the diagnosis of covid-19Ê in suspected COVID casesDr Tayyaba AshiqÊ1230-1240
9.ÊBaseline procalcitonin (PCT) for anticipation of severity andÊ mortality in a set of patients hospitalized with COVID-19Dr Muhammad UmerÊ Naeem Effendi1240-1250
10.ÊSerum PIVKA-II: Reference interval of healthy populationÊ and establishment of its cutoff value for hepatocellularÊ carcinoma diagnosis in PakistanDr Faryal HusnainÊ1250-1300
11.ÊDevelopment and validation of a liquid chromatography Ð mass spectrometry method for analysis of MethylmalonicÊ acid in serumMaj Hamid AwaisÊ1300-1310
12.ÊRelationship between PCR and SARS COV2 antibody amongÊ healthcare workersMaj Asma KhanÊ1310-1320
Scientific Session 2
13.ÊAssociation of hyaluronic acid and laminin with polymeraseÊ chain reaction findings in hepatitis c patientsMaj Tahir AsadÊ1400-1410
14.ÊClinical and analytical validation of interleukin 6 (IL-6) in theÊ clinical laboratory in COVID-19 pandemicÊDr Zaib-un-Nisa,Ê1410-1420
15.ÊAssessment of National External Quality Assurance ProgramÊ of Pakistan (NEQAPP) as a tool for improving quality of labÊ results among participating laboratoriesÊMaj Shahrukh ShahÊ1420-1430
16.ÊComparison of il-6 with other inflammatory markers andÊ their association with different levels of severity of COVID 19 disease spectrum of biochemicalDr Basma BukhariÊ1430-1440
17.ÊComparison of estimated glomerular filtration rate withÊ both serum creatinine and cystatin c (EGFRCR-CYS) versusÊ single analyte (EGFRCR or EGFRCYS) using CKD-EPI andÊ MDRD equations in tertiary care hospital settingsMaj Usama Bin KhalidÊ1440-1450
18.ÊAssociation of liver and renal function derangements withÊ disease severity in covid-19 patientsÊDr Naila HayatÊ1450-1500
19.ÊAssociation of therapeutic dose of valproic acid and plasmaÊ glycine levels in epileptic patientsMaj Shakeel AhmadÊ1500-1510
20.ÊAlarming Increase of Hypervitaminosis D in Children: AÊ Cross-sectional survey of clinical profiles andÊÊDr Siraj MuneerÊ1510-1520
pharmacological factors from a tertiary care center inÊ Pakistan
21.ÊSpectrum of biochemical derangements in patients withÊ COVID-19 infectionMaj Sajjad Ali HaiderÊ1520-1530
22.ÊParadigm shifts in vitamin d testing and diagnosis: aÊ decade-long observational studyDr Nawazish ZehraÊ1530-1540
23.ÊDiagnostic accuracy of raised neutrophil gelatinase associated lipocalin NGAL in predicting acute kidney injuryÊ after cardiac surgeryÊDr Anum IftikharÊ1540-1550
24.ÊAccuracy of glycated hemoglobin (HBA1C) analysis via POCTÊ vs laboratory-based assay in department of pathology,Ê Bahawal Victoria hospital, BahawalpurÊDr Sameen AsgharÊ1550-1600

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