The Spectrum 2015 final

Praise is with Allah (SWT) who gave us the chance to publish 4th edition of „The Spectrum‟. This beautiful publication could not have been possible without the untiring efforts of Dr Sara and Dr Maryam, whose natural hidden talent is depicted in the superb and eye-catching lay-out of the newsletter. The tradition is kept alive and newsletter is being presented on the auspicious occasion of Joint Conference of Societies of Pathology. PSCP has always been a big advocate of unity of Pathologists. We cherish the efforts of Prof Sohail Chughtai, (President PAP) and Prof (Brig) Abdus Sattar and Prof Asim Mumtaz (PSCP) for arranging this Joint Conference. We pray that this harmony would continue not only on the forum of PAP but also in our day-to-day lab work. We can show to the medical community that in spite of the diversity of our job, which is widening with each passing year, we know how to keep ourselves gelled together. United we will rise in Shaa Allah. We dedicate this issue of „The Spectrum‟ to Lt Gen Syed Azhar Ahmed, HI (M) (Rtd) and our cover story is attributed to this great teacher and „Baba‟ of the Chemical Pathology. May Allah grant him long, happy and prosperous life! Articles in this issue include “Animated Chemical Pathology”, which may become a permanent feature after we have received wide appreciation not only from Pakistan but also from abroad. In this issue it is an attempt to make the difficult topic of „Analytical Techniques‟ lively and palatable. „Two Novel Tools for Teaching and Assessment” is a medical education perspective of QADIS and SAAS which have already gained popularity in our community. “A Hypothetical Address to the First Year Trainees of Pathology” is a message for the new entrants in the field of Pathology. Articles on “Garlic Tablets”, “Vitamin D Deficiency, and “Fundamentals of Proteomics” are full of scientific information. “Statistical Concepts A Chemical Pathologist Should Know” is to highlight the importance of statistics in daily work and research in our specialty. Meeting reports on “Reference Intervals (in Tokyo)” and “World Osteoporosis Day (in AKU Karachi)” are useful event news. Dr Saima shares her experience of “Journal Club Meetings”. Last but not the least Dr Sumbal remembers our shaheeds in a beautiful poem “The Martyrs”. So, I hope you will find this newsletter a nice blend of information and entertainment

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